Opinion Hitman: Blood Money – Review, Recap, Gameplay

Hitman: Blood Money – Review, Recap, Gameplay

Hitman Blood Money

Guard : What the f**k they call you?
Agent 47 : Names are for friends, so I don’t need one!

Review :

Your favorite barcoded bald hitman makes his return once again in the blood money sequel, ready to blow some heads off, for the right price… This time, the hitman-for-hire has to focus on more cleaner kills, if he wants that extra coin. So, Mr. 47, think systematically, and strike accordingly, aim precisely, and eliminate swiftly. Notoriety can be spread like a disease, use that blood money to clear your name, reduce your infamy, and remain undetected. Keep in mind, acquiring any ancillary information will always get you a step ahead. The floor is your, get creative with your kills.



Although the Hitman franchise is not heavily concentrated on the plot, it rather put emphasis on the gameplay mechanics and new developed features in the game. However, the overall story centers around assassination targets undertaken by the bold hitman. It is believed that agent 47 is deemed to be an urban myth; this is where former FBI director known as Jack Cayne comes in and reveals an interesting story about the truth of the cloned agent. He goes on and recounts to Rick Henderson that ICA’s contract killer is actually real and provides him with reading documents and a bunch of murder contracts committed by hitman. The papers assert that agent 47 went to conduct jobs in Chile and France after the elimination of the bankrupt amusement park owner. This is where 47 found himself in a dilemma; he is put between a rock and a hard place as he found himself sinking in a war between two adversary contract agencies. Some ICA assassins have been attacked and eliminated, and thus another rising and more powerful contact agency wants to take part of the action. Fed up with all the fuss that has been going on, the hired assassin travels to America and proceeds with his business.



The main gameplay style hasn’t changed dramatically from the previous sequels, yet few small details make a difference. First, the game offers a realistically designed scenery that permits you to explore further, experiment with the additional space, and get creative with your elimination targets. Restrictions of course are still there to avoid any hack and slash. The mechanics of the game are common-sense based, which makes your experience as realistic as possible. Hence, NPCs are eyewitnesses, any suspicious behavior from 47 will alarm them immediately, leading you to lose your reward. Furthermore, if you want to gain the highest achievement ranks, you should go for the professional style and keep your skills silent and clean.

In a nutshell, Hitman Blood Money allows you to adopt a strategic and well-thought of plan of action to obtain the best achievements and get a higher price for your services. The art direction is aimed for a more natural looking scenery and a nice touch of background music to enhance your mood. Embrace the world of a criminal assassin that bribes, kills, lies, and sneaks to get his ways.

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