Guides Top 4 Linux distribution for Gaming Set Up

Top 4 Linux distribution for Gaming Set Up


What is Linux Distribution?

Before we begin enlisting our top pick for Linux distribution, we have to give you a quick overview of what is a Linux distribution in the first place.

Simply put, a Linux distribution is an installable operating system modelled from the Linux Kernel and collated from different software components developed by numerous open-source projects and user programs and libraries.

Gaming on Linux had its initial debut as far as 2013, back when Valve declared the release of their own operating system; SteamOS. This means that gamers can now officially enjoy some high-grade games that previously needed a Windows Computer or a gaming console. The beginning of this experience has had a fairly modest start with only a few companies like CD Projekt Red and Deep Silver including the Penguin icon in their support list. As years have been progressing so has the compatibility for Linux to include other companies like Gearbox and Square Enix which were announcing their biggest game titles on Linux.

Down below is our top pick of Linux distribution you might consider running it:

1 SteamOS:

For the Linux enthusiasts who want to explore a neat gaming experience, this choice is for you – as this provides you with a full gaming PC momentum. SteamOS is basically Debian Linux configuring Steam as its default start-up program. It’s noteworthy to mention that SteamOS is set for a very particular purpose, a game console. Of course, you can use it as a regular desktop, however, the design is intended for gaming motives. Hence, it is first and foremost dedicated to gaming consoles.

Linux SteamOS


2) Lakka:

To a similar degree, Lakka is designed with some resemblance to the PlayStation 3 port but designated for Retro gaming instead. Its functionalities are preternaturally indistinguishable from the PlayStation interface. Unlike Steam, Lakka’s focal point is providing game emulators for old engines. You can use these emulators to play games from Nintendo, Dream Cast and many others! Another advantage while using Lakka is that it offers you an easy way to add games over SSH and Samba shares.

linux lakka

3) Pop_OS! :

We understand that not every Linux user is game console oriented, that is why this operating system is designed for a quicker navigation experience, uncomplicated workspace organization, and a creative professional workflow, with of course the ability to run games at its best performance. System76’s “Pop_OS!” Is tailored around the GNOME desktop where it provides its users a convenient maintenance of defaults. This does not mean system76 is only dedicated for designers, gamers have few advantages as well! For instance, access to Steam, Proton, WINE… are much faster and easier! It is productivity oriented and helps you focus on your work with its GNOME built-in amenities.

4) Drauger OS:

If you want improved performance paired with a high security rate, Drauger OS provides you with this combo as well as add multi-lingual support along with a better graphics performance for Gamers. Albeit being a small project, dedicate a whole team and a community to help their users whenever they encounter issues. To simplify the usage, Drauger OS creates an easy-to-use control panel that permits you to launch Steam, configure settings, and launch programs.

Linux drauger os

There are other Linux distributions you can surf and experiment with like Fedora Games Spin, RetroPie, and many others! Tell us what is your favourite?

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