Opinion Top 5 Linux games to play in 2021

Top 5 Linux games to play in 2021


Playing some good games in linux OS is also possible like in iOS and Android Games as well as Microsoft Windows. We have decided that we should also pay attention to the Linus fans and propose a list of top 5 games they MUST play at least once in their lifetime.

Dota 2

Our first choice is going to be Linux’s most celebrated and well-known MOBA games; Dota 2. For the admirers and enthusiasts of multiplayer strategy games, this one’s for you! Worldwide Dota players join battles every day to discover something new. It offers infinite possibilities during battlefields; you will get to have a limitless array of powerful weapons, heroes, and unique abilities. Not only that, but Dota 2 allows you to implement your own gameplay style thereby renders your experience even more powerful. Express your own style with Dota2 and join a worldwide community of Dota heroes from a screen.


War Thunder

It is an all-embracing, multi-platform MMO military video game allocated for aviation, arsenal machines and wheels as well as naval vessels from WWII and the Cold War. Enter epic air, sea, and land battlefields, survive enemy attacks, and experiment how it is like to fight as a soldier with this simulation action game for Linux. The design of landscapes, graphics and overall blueprint is astoundingly eye-pleasing. In War Thunder, aerodyne, attack airship, armoured tanks, and other ground forces as well as naval ships integrate in realistic dog-eat-dog skirmishes. Choose your desired combat wheel or aircraft force Armoured with arsenal weaponry and defend your team from adversary raiders and enemy troopers.

No More Room In Hell

As the name suggests, when there is no more room in hell, the undead resurrect and find refuge in earth. That means you have to survive the waves of the walking dead trying to eat your flesh alive. It is a co-operative survival horror game played in first person perspective. Inspired by “Of The Dead” series, the setting of the game is characterized by the chaotic atmosphere the world lives in after the spread of a disease of unknown sources. Conspiracy theorists endeavoured to explain the possible causes of this epidemic disseminating throughout the globe. Survival is the only means to stay alive even if it means killing any suspect carrying the various. How will you make through suck sick society alive?

No more room in hell

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The Internet’s number 1 multiplayer action game is top-tier and definitely worth your while if you have never played it. Join the realistic branch of terrorist warfare and build your own team. It is a strategic game par excellence therefore all with your team to take out terrorists before they assassinate you. Each one’s role interchangeably affects the other. Compete in regional championships and prevent terrorist attacks from planting bombs in your area, and rescue or guard hostages. At the end of each round, rewards are distributed based on individual performance in-game. The more rounds you win the more you gain currency and thus more powerful weapons.

Global Offensive


How to install Minecraft on Linux Mint ?, i found this tutorial very helpful so i decided to share it with you

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created by Mojang and has long been one of the most played 3D sandbox games throughout its release. The game has no specific set goal to accomplish leaving players the chance to roam free and explore the environment as they please and without restrictions. But like any other game it has an achievement system which rewards you as you progress and gives you trophies that are very useful to you. Players have the choice between a 1st person perspective, or a 3rd person and the gameplay is composed of a myriad of features from cubes and fluids called blocks, stones, trees, ores to other materials and building crafts. The core objective of the gameplay is to pick up these collectables and place them somewhere to build anything you want. immerse yourself and discover other fun activities with your friends online.


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