Opinion Using Discord as gaming server : pros and cons

Using Discord as gaming server : pros and cons


If you want a free place to create as many servers as you want, connect with your friends, and add bots to make the experience more fun, Discord is the place to go to. Before we start enumerating pros and cons, we should mention that Discord has won the hearts of many people, shifting from Skype and other social media platforms towards this easy and clear to use app that connects friends over text, voice, and video.

Are you tired of seeing nonsense around numerous social media websites like Facebook and Instagram? Do you want to maintain a close relationship with your squad but far away from these platforms? Well, it is time to gather your crew and come join the Discord community. From school clubs, gaming factions, art communities to just a bunch of a group of friends, Discord is an easy tool to facilitate communication . Discord combines good design with high tech features that grab the attention of most teens these days.
However, the internet isn’t utterly free from dangers. Just like any application Discord may have a dark side that most of its users do not acknowledge. Or maybe they are in fact aware but choose not to give an ear to these speculations. This article aims at deciphering the possible advantages Discord proves its users, along with the shadow side of it.


To start off a bit light on the feel, Discord is a safe space to hang out with your buddies; create an invite-only link where your friends can use to connect . Through the systemized texting channels, you are given an abundant space to talk in. You can share your recent hiking trip while arranging your plans for next Saturday’s night out with your folks, or just bunter about your day without corking the group chat with a shedload of messages.
Not only that, but Discord has voice channels where it permits you to talk with your friends without having to call them when you’re online. Did we mention that it also has low latency voice and videos? This makes communicating with your friends feel like you are in the same room. Furthermore, you have bots and robots who can make creating servers more amusing, along with a clean and tidy direct messaging system. Another cool trick in Discord is that you can turn some people’s volume if they have a loud background or voice.


While Discord is safe to use in terms of security with the appropriate privacy parameters and monitoring , it is easy to stay safe. After all Discord is just a wacky app for Gamers who love to chat while playing video games. If your child is a gamer or into gaming, they will most likely find their way towards this app since it gathers a worldwide community of gamers. With all the good stuff in consideration, Discord is not all lovey-dovey and like any Cyber application available for millions of people, it does have a dark side that you should look out for. And if you are not familiar with some seriously harmful stuff that goes there, jokes about the Nazi, 9/11 jokes, racist memes and slurs, and kids telling each other to commit suicide, because for some reason they’re not worthy to live. All kinds of sick humour and despicable behavior that teens consider as “jokes” may lead to unconceivable consequences. We will highlight a few key disadvantages of using this app.

First, Discord is available for everyone, which means even disguised hitman can access it. While we are not saying that your kid will chat with a murderer, but it is just to stress that it is not all that bright and friendly. Gamers engage in all sorts of stuff to talk about, from constantly swearing at each other, sharing +18 content, and cyberbullying each other. A minor can get easily influenced by such stuff and may even engage in such toxic behavior and end up ducking up his mental health. It is highly advised to keep a sharp eye on your child’s Internet friends and monitor their every step. Let’s not forget the scammers, the bullies, the hackers, and the paedophiles. Other cons include spywares that track down all your movements, abuse power from Discord staff, and access to your emails, passwords, and IP address.

All that into consideration, every parent should weight these pros and cons, and decide whether it is allowed for their kid to use this app.

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