Opinion Which is Better : Linux VS Windows?

Which is Better : Linux VS Windows?


You must have heard of the battle between which is better Mac or Windows a while back. However, there is an even older and much deeper debate that fuelled tensions between Windows users and Linux enthusiasts.

The arguments surrounding these two different operating systems wrangle about which is better, Linux or Windows?
While Windows can be considered the most widely used, Linux users contend that the system software has considerably improved rendering the Linux experience a lot smoother and better than the previous versions. Although this guide is not tech-savvy, it will examine the different viewpoints, highlight the advantages of both OS, and shed light into the drawbacks of each.

Starting with Linux, one of the advantages It offers its users is that there is no cost of ownership, meaning you can get Linux completely for free with paying monthly or yearly fees. Unlike Windows you have to pay for a new license to avoid its deactivation and the few errors it brings with it. Although cost will not be the deciding factor, Linux’s major software like word processors come in handy as they are open source. What is more awe-inspiring is that Linux is surprisingly more secure than Windows! Seeing that security plays a significant role for OS, Linux trumps Windows’ card.


The former’s open source is viewable by everyone who is interested to work on it to detect malfunction and security errors. Owing to the scarcity of Linux users, Computer hacking, and bugging is much less common thereby lowering your chances of getting viruses.

In contrast, Windows gives its users admin access which renders malware attacks and Trojan viruses easier and a lot more common since they can access parts of the system. Thus, if you wish to install a program you have to grant it admin permission which opens loopholes for viruses to infect your computer. Whereas Linux, it will be a much harder process for this damage to occur. Moving on to the gaming industry, Linux has been updated quite impressively with its new improvement. Thanks to the release of Ubuntu 20.04, and Distros based on it like Pop! _OS and Mint, gamers have finally got a pick-up-and-play experience.

In spite of the tons of improvements Linux has seen, Windows remains the default choice for gaming by most users. Why is that you may ask?

Well, this goes back to the gigantic and unlimited library of games Windows has in stock. Apart from steam, many other sources and subscriptions are available for games; most known ones include Epic Games. Hence, for that reason Windows is automatically the default choice. Moreover, considering performance to be the driving force for most Gamers to opt for Windows, the latter gets to have all the innovative tech like ray-tracing and other stuff that is primarily preserved for Microsoft Windows.

Notwithstanding all these advantages, Windows 10 is far from flawless and one major reason is updates. No matter what you do to turn them off, they always seem to find a way to creep up and disrupt your progress. Not to mention other futile programs like Cortana and bloatware which consumes the performance and slows down your PC. But why should you care about gaming in Linux you may ask yourself? Over the course of the years, Linux became way better in terms of performance and in the gaming industry.

Despite the red herring about the lack of games in Linux, there are about 69% of the top 1,000 games on steam are rated gold or better on Proton DB. Another important update is that Denuvo Anti Cheat will support Linux; it is theorized that such a shift in stance could have to do with Cloud Gaming Services using Linux as their platform of choice. Thus, Linux users are getting a way better experience than ever before.

So, comparing both altogether, it may be a very difficult choice to make since both have their advantages and disadvantages. Although Linux has tons of improvements, newer features take a lot longer to roll out than Windows. However, Linux meets the needs of Gamers better; 16-bit retro games for instance, Wine provides better compatibility and stability without having to run games in a virtual machine.

In the end, it is up to you to choose your preferred system but comparing both, Linux might be a lot faster than Windows in performance. So, what do you think? Is Linux better than Windows?

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